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Renting a shop space in My Happy Mall

Rent A shop space at

Basic Terms and Conditions:

  • After receive payment from customer, you have to honour the product in due time.
  • If there are complain on the right of the customer or they have been cheated by you, My
    Happy Mall has the right to discontinue promoting for you. (Meaning remove your shop
    from My Happy Mall)
  • Space Rental fee are subject to changes yearly.
  • Renewal payment should be made one month in advance before the actual date of expired.
  • Space renewal is subject to our rights and obligation to accept or reject with/without reason.
  • My Happy Mall have the right to accept or reject advertisement anytime during the agreed
    terms subject to any public complain or abuse or negligent of trading etc.

Contact us for details and fee:

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Opportunity for you to expand your business.

Contact us to rent a space at

Tel: 012-5897955

Rent A shop space at